The Best Storage Building for You Is a Phone Call Away

The Best Storage Building for You Is a Phone Call Away

Call for tension fabric buildings. Headquartered in Andover, KS

Calhoun Superstructure uses a Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel open web truss to create a structure that is unmatched in the fabric over steel industry. Hot dip galvanized steel has an exterior zinc coating of .9mm. The dipping process covers the framing materials down to the smallest crevices that go unnoticed by many assemblers. This step helps to maximize structural integrity and creates a tough barrier against corrosive materials. After the metallurgical process, the overall strength increases from 300-500/psi to 3600/psi.

A common misconception is that all fabricated galvanized steel has an interior coating. Most actually have a zinc rich paint applied during the manufacturing process. The hot dip galvanization process ensures an even coating is applied to every surface. The total width of the protective mixture is equal to or greater than the thickness of the steel component.
Thicker structural components increase the load-bearing capacity creating a stronger building that lasts longer. Additional strength like this allows the structure to withstand high winds, temperature fluctuations, and heavy rain or snow falls.

Our Fabric

Calhoun uses both HDPE fabric and PVC fabric, in either non-fire resistant (Non-FR) or fire resistant (FR), providing you with different fabric cover options relative to your specific needs.

Our fabric is produced to withstand harsh weather conditions and treated with ultraviolet stabilizers to protect it from the sun's UV rays. This prevents the fabric membranes from weakening or breaking down, adding years to life for your fabric cover.

With a Calhoun fabric cover, you also select from a variety of colors for greater aesthetic appeal and customization.
We also offer two fabric cover installation options depending on the size and budget of your structure: Keder Panel System or Bag Cover System.

Find a quality structure that won't break the bank

You'll find four different models at Sunflower Structures in Andover, KS, each of which comes in a variety of sizes: