Maintenance And Repair On Fabric Buildings

Whether you have an existing Sunflower Structures installed fabric building or another brand of fabric structure, Sunflower Structures has the expertise, materials, and tools necessary to recover and re-skin your fabric building.

No matter the level of damage, repair, building application, size, or brand. Sunflower Structures offers full-service fabric structure covers and installation.

We can also upgrade, expand, or relocate your existing fabric building.


Maintenance And Repair For Cover-All Fabric Buildings

Cover-All Buildings closed their doors in March of 2010 leaving many Cover-All fabric building customers with buildings that will eventually need to be upgraded or replaced. Sunflower Structures is experienced with Cover-All building repairs and upgrades.

We not only offer Cover-All fabric cover replacements and repairs, but we offer maintenance services to your Cover-All building steel framework.

Our professional installation crews work from original Cover-All drawings and specs to provide you with a new fabric cover that meets or exceeds the original Cover-All specifications. While on-site, we offer complimentary assessment of your Cover-All building’s steel framework and building components and provide you with necessary recommendations.


Benefits Of Our Buildings:

Our professional crews can provide you with a new fabric cover that meets or exceeds the original specification for your building.  They also can upgrade, expand or relocate your existing building.

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