Municipal/Commercial Structures

Calhoun custom-engineers fabric buildings specifically tailored to businesses and municipalities.   We have you covered no matter if you store sand and salt or fertilizer.  Our buildings can even be used for sorting waste and recycling.

Our buildings have wide open spaces with no interior columns, they are naturally lit with bright interiors that make it easy to move items and are great for safety.

Municipal/Commercial Brochure

Benefits Of Our Buildings:

Salt and sand are highly corrosive materials so our hot-dip galvanized steel withstands much of the pitting, rust, and deterioration that most metals suffer. This makes the buildings resistant to damage while providing a strong, durable structure that lasts for years.

We offer an extra layer of protection for your structure when you store corrosive materials like salt. Super Shield is our rubberized spray coating, designed to add an extra layer on top of the hot-dip galvanized structure to provide superior protection.

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